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Random Tugs 282

On a recent foggy rainy day, I caught Elk River bunkering (I believe) Maritime Kelly Anne.  That’s certainly an interesting name, although yesterday Endless Summer topped it, arriving from Brasil.  Might there be a string of ships with movie name references out on the oceans? I love how fog narrows the depth of field in […]

Random Tugs 279

Radar helps when you can’t see in the fog, but even on a clear day, you can’t see the crew operating this 2013 2000 hp tugboat, or its history . . . how it got to become a fixture in the sixth boro. Ditto this 1994 tug, operating with 3000 hp.  Here Kimberly Poling is […]

Random Tugs 215

It’s always a joy to be under way on the Hudson.  Enjoy these shots from last week. Stephanie Dann passes a chimney of what may once have been an ice house. Click here for previous Stephanie Dann photos. With the Rip Van Winkle Bridge in the background, Sapphire Coast approaches pushing Cement Transporter 1801.   […]

Random Tugs 193

Let me start here . . . the boat below can be yours.  Click on the photo for full information.  It’s currently in the Seattle area, and I’m posting this for a friend. Turecamo Girls –this one was launched in 1965 and is rated at 1950 hp.  Here was a previous version, which may or may […]

Invisible Gold 3

Here were the previous posts on Deepwater Wind. The work on the first US offshore wind farm is becoming visible from Block Island, these taken from Monhegan Bluffs. There is one . . . no  .  . two actually five bases emerging from the waters, each in a different state of completion. Here Stephanie Dann […]

Sixth Boro Southbound

What caught my attention was the towed side-by-side barge arrangement in the KVK, GL 65 and 66, with Stephanie Dann hanging off the stern. Once between Stapleton and Bay Ridge, the tow was re-made and and Sarah Dann took the two out the Narrows. Forty-eight hours later, they are still southbound, almost 350 nautical miles out […]

Random Tugs 90

Just for the record, here are the first two posts in this series, “1” and 2. The foto below and the one of Dublin Sea come from Birk.   Greenland Sea is off Barents Sea port side.  I last saw Barents move in early December here.   This foto is taken from near the old Singer plant in […]

Saturday Morning KVK

Saturday mornings are slow in some places, but not in the shipping channels of the sixth boro, Pearl River 1 enters the Narrows, passes Morton S.  Bouchard Jr., arcs to port into the ConHook Range, and navigates the KVK with assistance from Ellen McAllister. At this moment, opposing container ship traffic about 15 minutes away […]

Random Tugs 53

Niz C. Gisclair, (2003, 66′ loa) an infrequent visitor to the sixth boro, last appeared here in this blog in 2007.  Some buildings to identify:  one with greenish pyramid cap just to the left of the Statue  has the pretentious name of One Worldwide Plaza and the towers to the left of that is the Times […]


. . . raised arms.  When I notice something about them, maybe the angle, they seem everywhere.  On this blog you’ve seen them lift airplanes and containers and locomotives and even tugs.  Stephanie Dann moves this one west to or from a job while Mighty Helen Parker moves this crane to the east.   I say […]