Here are some of my articles, and in no particular order.  One or two may be article for which I supplied only the photos.

Vinik answers call, clears hurdles with seasoned offshore fleet

Damen newcomer at Ontario port has line on versatility

Safety questioned, Erie Canal’s teaching tug faces final chapter

Tugboat captains adapt to evolution, growth of Panama Canal

Ice-fighting crew on Great Lakes ATB keeps cargo flowing

Circa 1950 railcar tugboat isn’t too old for modern-day towing training

Demand never stops for NYC’s new sewage tankers

Barge cargo paves way for ‘Chicagoland’ materials supplier

Sand-running tug and barge keep the concrete flowing in NYC

Compactness, power make this the handiest tug in Puerto Rico

World War II tow down the Hudson takes New York by storm

Classic tug takes on winter to prevent Mohawk Valley flooding

Conservators prepare the ‘Big U’ for modern utility systems

McAllister launch servicing Long Island Sound with deliveries, crew transfers

Working in shallow N.Y. creeks, towboat and barge find a niche

Pilots aim to show they’re ready for post-Panamax era

Sea of Cortez in the time of coronavirus

A canal transit

Four legs to Cuba



I also wrote and directed  a 31-minute video filmed mostly at a “ship graveyard” on the SW side of Staten Island in the waterway called the Arthur Kill.  We filmed some of the disintegrating vessels there,  from a rowboat, researched their history,  and then interviewed folks who had some connection with these vessels or this place.  Get ready for some local and larger history,  unusual characters, and lots of beautiful footage and stills as well as archival materials.

For info on ordering a copy of the documentary, click here.  For posts I’ve done about the documentary Gary Kane and I did, click here.


To read Brendan I. Koerner’s review of the documentary Graves of Arthur Kill, published in Wired, click here.

If you wish to write your own review of Graves of Arthur Kill, submit it here.

New York harbor tanker never misses a fuel delivery