This sight might have confused some folks looking at vessels in the Stapleton anchorage yesterday.  The brightly lit vessel arrived a bit before sunrise.

Here’s a closer shot.  That’s Discovery Coast with bunkers. 


She spun with the tide.

Although, like me, you might not recognize the shape and colors of this vessel, Grimaldi is not an unusual name in the harbor.  Grimaldi owns the ACL fleet as well as ROROs with names that begin with “grande” except the Blount boats.  


Eurocargo Bari is one of 10 sister ships, all named for “Mediterranean” port cities, the class referred to as the Genova class. 

If you’ve not clicked on the links, she’s 656′ loa x 87′ and carries 1255 ceus.  She’s also fast, max speed of 22 knots.  She departed the sixth boro yesterday after dark and is already off the Carolina Capes, bound for Altamira MX.

Busy livery and 

over styled?  Yes, IMHO, but it is a European look. 

All photos and opinions, any errors, WVD.