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Graves of Arthur Kill

This is a 31-minute video filmed mostly at a “ship graveyard” on the SW side of Staten Island in the waterway called the Arthur Kill.  We filmed some of the disintegrating vessels there,  from a rowboat, researched their history,  and then interviewed folks who had some connection with these vessels or this place.  Get ready […]

Graves of Arthur Kill T minus 1

I’ve long subscribed to the notion that getting there should be as thrilling as arriving, so  . . .  let’s continue the ride backward past this 1914 post  . . . to  . . . 1910. Below . . . it’s the Statue cruise of the day loading where it does today.  Notice a roofed […]

Graves of Arthur Kill T minus 2

More from the archives . . .  aerial of Pier 40 and the Holland Tunnel vent . . . photo said to be taken in 1955. Photo said to be “three-masted schooner” in 1937.  Clearly that’s not a schooner there with the GW Bridge in the background.  Anyone know what sailing ship that might have been? […]

Graves of Arthur Kill T minus 3

I didn’t want to call this post “something different 19” because clearly it wouldn’t be different from the previous days.  A pattern has emerged, and then I realized that part of the pattern is that these photos depict some of the unidentifiable vessels lost in boneyard or ship graveyards like the one focused upon in […]

Graves of Arthur Kill: the World Premiere

Here just over a year ago was the release information about the documentary. And here’s the BIG announcement:  the world premiere of the documentary will happen Wednesday, May 7 at 7 pm at the Brooklyn Heights Cinema and tickets for that evening’s fare . . . including ours are now on sale.  Click here for directions to […]

Graves of Arthur Kill: the Documentary

This piece of private property along Staten Island has intrigued many, inspired some. Who knew that water and oxidizing metal or decaying wooden structure could have such beauty?  It evokes feelings of mystery,  mortality, and … more.  Some people photograph it, some paint it . . . .  Gary Kane and I filmed the marine […]

“Graves . . ” in Art of Brooklyn Film Fest Tonight

First the specifics . . . 70 Henry Street Brooklyn Heights Cinema tonight at 7 for reception with showing starting at 8.    After the show, stop by at Park Plaza Bar about .1 mile nearby. So it’s appropriate to lead these NYC Municipal Archives photos off with tugboat Brooklyn. Next  in an icy North […]

Retro Sixth Boro 40 B

Today the sixth boro and environs face Henri, whose story is yet to be told.  August 26, 2011 . . . I was at the Staten Island Ferry terminal, and these Hurricane Irene signs were up.  When Irene’s story was told, it had done unusual damage upstate far from salt water;  here’s more.  Some repairs […]

Sixth Boro Mystery

With apologies to folks who aren’t familiar with the sixth boro, here’s a puzzler.  If you have been around here for decades, there’s an enormous clue in the second photo.  The question . . . where it this? The two photos come from Jim Murray, retired FDNY and a tremendous asset when Gary Kane and […]

Seaway Maid and Fort Plain

Here’s an expanded view of a photo from yesterday’s post here.   What you see in the distance is bridge inspection unit, 2018. The small tug is Seaway Maid, and it’s hard to believe I’m posting a photo of it today for only the first time.  Last year this bridge inspection unit was moved through […]