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Shooter’s Island: Then and Now

Maersk Kentucky turns at least 90 degrees to starboard after passing under the Bayonne Bridge.  Beyond Shooters Island lies the city of Elizabeth, NJ.  More close-ups of Maersk Kentucky–eleven years running and a fifth of a mile long— tomorrow, but for now, she draws more than 30 feet max . . . and notice the […]

Shooter’s Island: Obstacle

The foto I posted yesterday dazzled my image of Shooter’s.  Sure  . . . I knew it once saw shipbuilding operations beginning with David Decker’s yard, but I never imagined the scale.  And when that industry collapsed, the island was reduced to a speed bump.  Obliterate it was the solution proposed by a politician half […]

Neptune and Hudson

Coming out of Newark Bay, Hudson, the newest Vane 4200. And a bit later, exiting the Arthur Kill past Shooters Island, it’s Neptune, the former Chevron Snohomish.   I’ve not seen Neptune here much, and here, thanks to Jonathan Steinman, here’s the first I see of Hudson pushing a barge likely toward the mid North […]

Three Minutes in Eerie Light

I’ve done posts with titles like 15 minutes or 18 . . . but here’s a set shot in just three minutes, just after that strange cloud–comet’s tail?–passed the day the temps went up to 65 midday for a few hours, setting a NYC record for that day. Here’s Jonathan C from head-on, with Shooters […]

Random Ships 47

Here and here are previous posts in this spirit, but first, the answer to yesterday’s bridge identification question . . . Joseph Chomicz nailed it . . . it’s Outerbridge Crossing, named for a person of commerce. Today’s question is:  as you look through the photos in this post, can you think of a type […]

Random Tugs 144

Ocean Tower passes the tow of Wavertree, aka “ocean wanderer.” At the east end of Caddell Dry Dock. Joyce D., no longer the newest Brown boat. Between Atlantic Salt and Caddell. In the Morris Canal. At the southwest end of Shooters aka Mariners Harbor. On the Shooters Island end of the Bayonne Bridge. All photos […]

Sixth Boro Maintenance

Like a galley or head or deck, the harbor itself needs maintenance of the routine as well as the extraordinary sort.  Given the amount of oil that’s found its way into the sixth boro the past two months, the latter sort is going on.  The bird sanctuary mentioned in the first sentence of this link […]

Morning Hour on the KVK 2

Surprise, lunacy, and freebies commingle in this post.  At one point, my perspective shifts a half dozen miles also. 0859 . . . as seen from the “swimming pool” aka Faber Park, Staten Island-side just east of the Bayonne Bridge. That’s Shooters Island (see a then/now post I did here)  off the bow of Zim […]

Rounding Bergen Point 2

10:18  Note Shooters Island.  Charles D. McAllister is on port bow, out of sight.  An unidentified Vane unit (yellow front) stands off to allow the containership to round the bend.  Maurania III is on starboard near stern. Bergen Point is more than a 90-degree turn. 10:21  With the Zim ship through the turn, the Vane unit moves through.  The […]

Whatzit 12

Answer can be found at the end of this post.  I was thrilled to find this sixth boro foto today.  Shot appears to be towards the northwest, but I’m not certain yet.  It appears to be a merge of two fotos.  On lower left side of my original foto the handwritten number “1906” is visible. […]