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Cranes: Flo-Sweet 2

Floating cranes have been featured here before, but never have I posted photos of a crane so sweet.  Let me explain. For starters, though, Brendan Turecamo had the barge alongside and was headed up the North River along my same route. I hadn’t much of an idea what their destination was until I saw this […]

Super Bull Crane 4

As I approached the stoplight, I had to look twice . . . is it possible that a repurposing of the super bull crane has been implemented?  I know it’s sometimes breezy out this time of year, so might this be a sturdier way of supporting traffic signals? I made the next available turn to […]

Cranes: Chesapeake 1000

Note about ongoing voting below.  Also, previous “cranes” posts can be found here. I’ve long included photos of Chesapeake 1000 but never devoted a post to it.  These posts here and here from seven years ago are my favorites, largely because my camera and I just happened onto the lift while prowling at night, not […]

Cranes: Weeks 533

Weeks 533 has credibility: she lifted the USAir Flight 1549 Airbus A320 out of the Hudson back almost 11 years ago and more.  So the other day when I was on my way to “yon” and saw her “hither” and she was working with Susan Miller, I decided to linger and inquire. That’s when I […]

Super Bull Crane 3

She arrived in the harbor almost six years ago, just before the annual football event, and that’s why I called her that.  Speculation about a name change then from Left Coast Lifter had been rampant, but so far as I know, she has remained LCL. Above, that’s the last photo I took of her by […]

Plethora of Cranes

I’d say a “dance of cranes,” but then you’d think of the plumed type.  So plethora will have to stand in.  If you look at any links in this post, check out this one from November 2007, where the gantry cranes appear to tango . . . or duel with booms as blades maybe . […]

NYK Crane

When the almost 20,000 hp team is assembled this way, it means one thing. Sometimes it’s a big bright bird in flamingo, but other times it might be a dark bird. Kirby went in first, followed by Miriam. This one’s a crane, dark like NYK Blue Jay is. Click here (and scroll) for the anticipated […]

‘Ster Crazy 1

Social distancing  . . . we hope it’s playing a role in defeating the spread of infection, so it’s not really true that we’re going stir crazy; instead, we do good by limiting travel and seeing this time as a godsend, an opportunity to face long-postponed tasks.  So for the near future, we’ll be posting […]

Random Bulkers 1

It’s time to remedy my long having short-shrifted bulk carriers.  One came in Saturday morning called Angelina the Great N.  I missed it because I estimated timing wrong.  I hope someone got photos of the bulker with that incomparable name . . . Angelina the Great N.  What’s “N,” I wonder…, but what a great […]

OPP 90 Followup: Skyray

This follows on yesterday’s post, using Lew’s photos taken on the Connecticut River.  Shawn Miller brought it up the North River for the airplane’s reunion with Intrepid.  All that greenery forms the base of Stevens Institute of Technology.    For more on the aircraft, click here.    A truck-mounted crane was ready on the pier […]