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You might be wondering what that is . . .

so let me bring it closer in increments.  Of course, you may remember similar sights waiting in Gravesend previously, like here

What’s different this time is the company carrying the new cranes.  Big Lift . . . you might remember them from the yellow-hulled “Happy . . .” vessels, like the recent Happy Dragon . . . also has two MC-class ships.

BigLift Baffin is currently waiting in the offing for her appointment.  What was baffling for me is their AIS showed Pebble Island as their destination.  The only Pebble Island marine facility I know is in Tennessee.  There’s also a Peebles Island, near where I’ll be on Saturday, but this vessel would never get there either.

Guess her beam?  Answer below.

The vessel was built in China in 2016, but the Liebherr ship to shore (STS) megamax container cranes were built near Killarney, Ireland.

It was still at its anchorage this morning when a Dutch captain passed by outbound and shared these of a vessel from his familiar Amsterdam.

I’m not sure when she’s coming in.

Last two photos from Capt. Van Geenplaats;  the others, WVD. 

BigLift Baffin is 567′ loa x 138′ beam, with 56,500 square feet of cargo area.


What gives the location away . . . if you’ve never seen Albany, is the prolate spheroid along the right side of the photo.   Prolate spheroid?  Think football.  But actually that one is called the egg.  It’s a performing arts center, and I’ve never been inside. Albany is the new home of Marie J. Turecamo.

You’ll often see a Reinauer unit parked here, this time it was Haggerty Girls with RTC 107.

Two of these Liebherr Mobile Harbor Cranes serve to transfer heavy cargoes.


Although Albany is over 120 miles from the Atlantic, ocean-going vessels call here regularly.

Road salt was the

cargo delivered by Siirt.

Mary Kay stands by;  she previously appeared here as Mary Loy Turecamo.

Closing out this look at the port of Albany, a common barge cargo out of Albany is scrap metal.

All photos by Will Van Dorp, who will post again after finding reliable wifi.

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