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People on the Boro 25

Here are previous installments of this title, all conjectural, especially given that the seafarers here might have a difficult time getting tourist visas to walk freely around the other boros of NYC.  Yet here they are, seeing what sights they can as their vessels transit the channels to and from the docks. Remember the Miroslav […]

People on the Boro 24

Here are previous installments in this series. You might look at this top photo and ask yourself where are the people, and is this really about the sixth boro? They’re there, and to me bridges like this are hybrid creatures, attached to land but in air over water. I’d been here for at least half […]

People on the Boro 23

As we leave the cold of the past months, we see more crew of all vessels out on deck just to enjoy the balmy weather and sun, like these crew taking photos of the northern side of Staten Island.  I’ve often wondered what they say about this port of the US;  of course they see […]

People on the Boro 22

It has suddenly gone from winter to limbo to spring, and that brings folks outside. Out in small boats, meetings for dock plans, surveying this strange place called NYC, keeping bow watch, racing geese, or stowing wires . . .       it’s all easier on spring days like this. All photos by Will […]

People on the Boro 21

If you want to see what I’ve done with this title in the past, click here. I’ll reveal this set of photos without explaining what’s going on.  Check out the six people in this photo.  They divide into two groups by “uniform,” but how are they related?   I might add that these photos are […]

People on the Boro 20

Here’ve been previous posts in the series. See the crew up behind the glass;  one might be a pilot. The scale of container ships calling in the port renders the bow watch keeper almost invisible, but here he is zoomed in. Ditto this crewman. See the person in the rigging, partway up the center mast […]

People on the Boro 19

For context, let’s look back here. And last year among some of the great photos shared by Harry Thompson, here (scroll) was a crowded harbor photo I really liked. Last Saturday saw threatening weather; even so, lots of small boats and crowds braved the possibility of rain to see the races. Vigilance prevailed and I heard […]

People on the Boro 18

Here are the previous 17 iterations of this title.  I thought of this the other day when there were three others photographing with me along a short stretch of the KVK. Recreation along the waterway there has been popular for a very long time.  I took this photo recently at Noble Maritime at –you guessed […]

People on the Boro 17

Here’s the index.  Here and here are some from far enough back that you can note change on the sixth boro. Any ideas on the photo below?  I believe that’s Robert Burton in the background? Here’s the rest of that image.  The two photos come from Bjoern Kils of New York Media Boat, which has […]

People on the Boro 16

Here was 14. And in the photo below, dozens of people occupy  the vessels, mostly invisible even as the weather starts to warm up. But some work is done outside . .  like preparing to retrieve a docking pilot, whereas others, after a time at sea, feast their eyes on details of a foreign port […]