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Retro Sixth Boro 34 a

It’s January 31 or -1 February.  since it’s a short month, it needs another day.   The temperatures where I’ve been have been colder than -1 centigrade.  So let’s do it . . . photos from a decade ago, February 2010.  See the crewman in the netting dangling over the side of tanker Blue Sapphire?  He […]

People on the Boro 22

It has suddenly gone from winter to limbo to spring, and that brings folks outside. Out in small boats, meetings for dock plans, surveying this strange place called NYC, keeping bow watch, racing geese, or stowing wires . . .       it’s all easier on spring days like this. All photos by Will […]

People on the Boro 21

If you want to see what I’ve done with this title in the past, click here. I’ll reveal this set of photos without explaining what’s going on.  Check out the six people in this photo.  They divide into two groups by “uniform,” but how are they related?   I might add that these photos are […]

People on the Boro 20

Here’ve been previous posts in the series. See the crew up behind the glass;  one might be a pilot. The scale of container ships calling in the port renders the bow watch keeper almost invisible, but here he is zoomed in. Ditto this crewman. See the person in the rigging, partway up the center mast […]

New Hulls, Lines, and Liveries

Flux.  “Everything changes and nothing remains still; and you cannot step twice into the same stream.”  Heraclitus said that, or maybe he did not, but I’ve attributed it to him before. Click here for the 1966 Charles Burton and the 2010 Charles Burton.  Above and below, that is the one from 2010, but the missing […]

Random Tugs 365

Let’s go back to winter in the sixth boro today, with photos I’ve taken in the past two weeks.  As of the other day, this was the last Bouchard, unless I’ve missed some others somewhere. Do you recognize this McAllister tugboat? And this one has been here the past few weeks as well.  Rowan is […]

Ocean Explorer

I could have called this post about this vessel out there on a hazy midday “people movers 15″, because this is a cruise ship, unique in many ways:  size, shape, and place of origin.  I could also have called it “newest hull in the sixth boro 11″ because it is, although there are three other […]

Dense Traffic 6

I’m surprised I’ve not used this title in almost a year, since the thought often comes my way that some very busy waterways exist in the sixth boro.  Like below with the four Moran tugs and one tanker.  Since three are headed to the left, you might be wondering why.  Easy . . .  those […]

Sixth Boro Sampler

It’s the end of another month, and maybe because everything’s been so bleak of late, let’s just admire and enjoy the complexity of the sixth boro. Diverse people work here on diverse missions. Places like NY Harbor School and M.A. S. T. as well as SUNY Maritime College and King’s Point MMA are here. On […]

Last of the Bouchards

I’m not going to get into the swamp here, and I’m not inviting you too either, but the dispersal of the Bouchard fleet had many tragic subplots and components. Obviously some people have been able to turn these events into gain, and more power to them. See the two rusty barges facing the camera here?  […]