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Specialized 26

As the title indicates, this features #26 in a string of specialized posts. And what is specialized in what, you may think. A lift boat, aka an elevator!  I’ve had lift boats here, and here.  I’m led to believe they’ve been around at least since Jehu.  Really, Jehu is a vessel I’ve not found an image […]

Specialized 25

[Specialized] vessels don’t push or tow or transport cargo per se.  They are tools with a variety of applications, as diverse as the tools in a professional mechanic’s chest, in an entire full service garage, in fact. Ocean Researcher has appeared here before, but not escorted by a tug, as James D. Moran is doing […]

Truckster! 28

Quick post today . . . just trucks with patina, and all between Texas and Kansas, and  in various states of integrity and different types of display or on long-term layaway and surface condition and past specialized function and even substance, and some even serve as daily drivers. All photos, WVD, who’s mindful the ides […]

Specialized 24

Neither the lines nor the color scheme is typical.   To briefly digress, that load of vehicles on the VZ Bridge is all too typical for this time of day. Shelia Bordelon has been off the south shore of Long Island for the past month or so. I could have put this post into the […]

Whatzit 50

What made this stand out was the mostly horizontal member quite high off the water.  So I started snapping. I’d noticed a few days back that Pelham had headed unusually far east in the Sound, and had run sometimes tandem with Captain Willie Landers.  So this must be the tow.   Any guesses?   Names are always […]

Random Ships 94

You want novelty?  Something new is always happening in the sixth boro, machines and people bringing goods from unimaginable places on the planet. Full like the 2006 Palena and empty like below.   The 1998 Mississauga Express likely came in to gather up empty boxes. Such a vessel is sometimes called a “sweeper,” sweeping out a […]

New Hulls, Lines, and Liveries

Flux.  “Everything changes and nothing remains still; and you cannot step twice into the same stream.”  Heraclitus said that, or maybe he did not, but I’ve attributed it to him before. Click here for the 1966 Charles Burton and the 2010 Charles Burton.  Above and below, that is the one from 2010, but the missing […]

Specialized 23

For the previous 22 posts, click here. So what would you call this approaching craft?  What’s your estimate of the height of those “legs?”   It’s a liftboat. Her destination was the VZ Bridge, and sure enough, upon arrival Seacor Supporter stopped her forward movement less than a quarter mile from the bridge. and began […]

Sixth Boro Sampler

It’s the end of another month, and maybe because everything’s been so bleak of late, let’s just admire and enjoy the complexity of the sixth boro. Diverse people work here on diverse missions. Places like NY Harbor School and M.A. S. T. as well as SUNY Maritime College and King’s Point MMA are here. On […]


I’ve seen blue, orange, and white.  Green is the only remaining Seatrade specialized reefer I’ve yet to photograph.  The other day I caught Seatrade Red outbound. Jonathan C. accompanied her out to retrieve the pilot. Seatrade was established in 1951, and chose to focus on small reefer vessels.  The fleet is comprised of about 50 […]