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Specialized 26

As the title indicates, this features #26 in a string of specialized posts. And what is specialized in what, you may think. A lift boat, aka an elevator!  I’ve had lift boats here, and here.  I’m led to believe they’ve been around at least since Jehu.  Really, Jehu is a vessel I’ve not found an image […]

Specialized 25

[Specialized] vessels don’t push or tow or transport cargo per se.  They are tools with a variety of applications, as diverse as the tools in a professional mechanic’s chest, in an entire full service garage, in fact. Ocean Researcher has appeared here before, but not escorted by a tug, as James D. Moran is doing […]

Specialized 24

Neither the lines nor the color scheme is typical.   To briefly digress, that load of vehicles on the VZ Bridge is all too typical for this time of day. Shelia Bordelon has been off the south shore of Long Island for the past month or so. I could have put this post into the […]

Specialized 23

For the previous 22 posts, click here. So what would you call this approaching craft?  What’s your estimate of the height of those “legs?”   It’s a liftboat. Her destination was the VZ Bridge, and sure enough, upon arrival Seacor Supporter stopped her forward movement less than a quarter mile from the bridge. and began […]

Specialized 22

I’m out of my weight class here, but formulas exist for calculating mechanical advantage of compound pulley systems like this.  I’m just focusing on the task in the north country for this machine. Grasse River (1958) is dedicated to the Saint Lawrence Seaway and based in Massena NY, along with tugs Robinson Bay (1958) and Performance […]

Specialized 21

Here are previous “specialized” posts. Below, the nose of an oversize aircraft?  high-speed locomotive? sound equipment? construction of a mini-roller coaster headed for Sandusky? an art project? No, it’s just Ariadne assisting Neptune, i.e., the CSV Ariadne laying a cable sub-Hudson for electrical transmission.  And being a lay person to this, I’m guessing it has […]

Specialized 20

I’ve not used this title in too long, so here it is, a general cargo ship . . . because not everything fits inside a container. Nor does everything require a huge ship. When I saw Wilson Newcastle the other day, I knew I’d seen a Wilson vessel once before. I just didn’t think I had […]

Specialized 19

So what travels through this piping? C. R. McCaskill was launched just over a year ago with a bottle of champagne across one of the 35-pound teeth of the cutterhead.  Click here for a foto and story. For more technical info on McCaskill‘s capabilities, read this article by my friend Brian Gauvin and published in the […]

Specialized 18

Here was 17.  Short post today, with one foto only from l’amica dalla torre,  who treats me sometimes with sights my eyes miss.    Like this vessel below, which showed up on AIS as Ocean, but in fact is known as Ocearch.  Here and here are some links to its organization and mission.  Here’s a link showing […]

Specialized 17

Here was 14, and for a similar vessel to today’s here are some fotos from Birk Thomas from not quite a year ago.   And this post started here, right after I’d driven into Nola from Mississippi on Route 90.  The depicted canine is admiring Poseidon, a 1945 Navy barge that was converted to transport […]