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Specialized 16

Wow!  It’s been over three years since I last used this title.  Here’s S 15. A few hours this morning evoked the sense of the sixth boro as a place for the likes of  Harbour First and Charles D. McAllister, larger vessels from larger organizations, as well as others . .  like Thornton Bros.  Guess […]

Specialized 4 Revisited

Has it been more than three years already since I posted on “specialized 4,” back when Red Hook’s sugar mill still stood?    It hardly seems possible.  Do you recognize this daffodil-colored object below? They gallop faster than 20 knots, carrying many dozens of passengers, and they’re locally made at Derecktor Shipyards, just a jaunt up […]

Specialized II Moods

Springtime light evokes mood better than any other time of year perhaps.  Last April I studied Maryland, chosen quite by random.  One “crush” this spring might be Specialized II.  Below the mood is poetic whereas at a later hour it’s prose, all business.  Speaking of business, here are the vitals:  Built by Parker Brothers & […]

Specialized 15

Research vessel Robert E. Hayes gets up on all three sometimes.  Technically, it’s called a liftboat.  I saw Hayes up on all three spuds last year on the Passaic just downstream from Newark.   Thanks to YouTube, you can see it too. I took these shots last summer in the KVK. Another liftboat Russell W. Peterson […]

Specialized 14

The longsighted bowsprite managed to record these fotos just before the holidays.  Neither of us had seen the towed vessel behind June K before.  Before looking at the rest of the fotos, any ideas of its identity? Of course some of you know it, but I was still befogged until I did some hunting and […]

Specialized 13

Last time I used “specialized ” as title happened almost a year and a half ago.  But this short post on SPT Guardian seems to beg for that.  Recently I’ve seen Guardian move around the boro showing its unusual profile. I’ve read the site maintained by Skaugen PetroTrans (hence, SPT), but I’d love to hear […]

Specialized 12

Any guesses on the origins and current use of Bold?   After only 15 years as a Navy vessel, Bold was transferred to the EPA. Gray feds to blue feds, I guess.   Here’s the schedule. All photos by Will Van Dorp.

Specialized 11

Moving a drilling platform, an aluminium smelter to Iceland, a few tectonic plates, half a county . . . and the job is too big for you? Who you gonna call? “Da Zhong” Who ya gonna call? Da Zhong. Here’s the fleet. Wherever, whatever as long as it is big. They’ll lift. See p. 17 […]

Specialized 10

Any guess on vintage of this specialized tug?   Here’s the company info on Ellen McAllister. What’s specialized is below the waterline.   I like the concept of upgrading a 41-year-old machine, be it tug, truck, or farm tractor. I used to live in a brick shoe factory that had been blessed by an “adaptive […]

Specialized 9

Ferry is to passenger transportation as this gray vessel below is to . . .. Wait . . . what is this vessel? Technically, it’s called a sludge vessel, and if you completed the analogy by saying “sewage dewatering,” I guess you’d be right. New York City DEP runs at least three of these vessels. […]