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North on Gallatin’s Ditches 1

Gallatin wrote a report in 1808 proposing canals, an intercostal waterway and more.  This series is a tribute to him starting in Charleston and northbound. When I write on the run, I’m taking no time to figure out what I’m seeing, like this beautiful hull … in the Ashley. Athena reportedly just sold for $50 […]

North on Gallatin’s Ditches 4

Here’s the reference on Gallatin’s 1808 report proposing the ICW. This post focuses on the in-port stay in Norfolk, starting with Thunder and showing her in context with Storm and Squall. Since we’re starting with small tugs, check out Beverlee B at work and light. Hoss is a sister of the sixth boro Patricia, here […]

North on Gallatin’s Ditches 2

Leg 2 runs from Georgetown to Beaufort NC. We did from Southport to near Wrightsville Beach in Gallatin’s ICW, past this bucolic campsite and surf camp.  See the surfer’s legs lower left? We headed into Beaufort/Morehead City passing this sailboat outbound. Fun! That’s bulker Aurora in the offing. And a banker horse and a Great […]

North on Gallatin’s Ditches 8

The last leg for now goes from Newport to Warren RI, but given the favorable wind before the torrent, let’s watch those contemporaries who play in this N-Bay city with such a long colonial and post-colonial history. I’m quite unschooled about these speedsters, like the one showing her red belly.  A 12-meter, I suppose? Northbound […]

North on Gallatin’s Ditches 6

Actually, only part of this leg is through the ICW, or another way to say this is that from Cape May to NYC you need to be in the ocean.  For a map that shows this, click here. This leg takes us from Baltimore to New York City, which in this case is not the […]

North on Gallatin’s Ditches 5

As we head up the Bay to Baltimore, we pass many things, including Island Pilot, Kismet from a port I once knew well,   Sea Crescent, Capt. Henry Knott,   je ne sais quoi, Indian Dawn and some others, Miss T,  and some surprises at the John W. Brown dock:  Z-One, April Moran, and James R. Moran. And […]

North on Gallatin’s Ditches 3

Leg 3 took us from Beaufort NC to the Elizabeth River, Norfolk. Again, when I’m back, I’ll catch up on identifying in words what you can identify yourself.   Morehead City is a deepwater port.     After some rough weather spent in port, the shrimp fleet heads back to work . . . parade […]

Retrospective 4

Some random shots from–more or less–a year ago . . . October 23, 2012 and the eerie calm before the storm. October 29, 2012, in a different part of the sixth boro, here’s the last look of an intact boardwalk. October 30, 2012, floating toothpicks . . . and waterlogged cars. October 31, 2012 and […]

Second Lives 11

This post presents a mystery.  Maybe someone knows how (or through whom)  to find the answer, possibly in US Coast Guard archives.  A group of veterans who spent their time in the Dutch Navy serving aboard the vessel below want a reunion but have lost their ship, possibly to Davy “drug-smuggler” Jones. Wamandai A870 was launched in […]

Government Boats 23

No . . . Joan Turecamo has not been re-cast as a government boat, but what about  that small craft off her port? Yup . .  Coast Guard, maybe off a larger USCG vessel in port.   A  cold weather drill? Here’s–in front of Ellis Island–a rare convergerce of  . . . a Newark fireboat, […]