Sunrise on the last day of August:  Comet heads south across the upper bay.  Forecast is for the upper  90s.

By 7 am, it’s already getting warm;  Evening Mist heads over toward Red Hook.

8 am Vale departs KVK, where Torm Sofia remains docked.

Here’s a surprise:  farther into KVK out beyond Doris Moran and the barge Alexandra, that’s Amalthea, which I saw departing Philly last Thursday.  (See third and fourth fotos from end of post here.  )

Buchanan 1 pushes crushed rock into the Kills.

Around 930 am, Java Sea heads somewhere up the River with oil.

By 5 pm, the boro is stifling as an oven as Evening Tide arrives to move a barge out of Red Hook.  In the center of the foto is the stern of the 1907 Pegasus;  foto is taken from the interior of Lehigh Valley #79.  Pegasus and 79 head up to Cold Spring, NY, on Friday.

and by 730, the sun sets over Jersey City (That’s Ellis Island) while Aegean Sea pushes rock into the East River.

My camera and I retire for the evening, but the traffic goes on and on.

Happy September.