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I dedicate this post to Mage, who notices when I neglect the cruise ships that make up part of harbor traffic.  All the following fotos were taken Friday and Saturday, September 3 from Pegasus and Lehigh Valley 79 between Red Hook to Cold Spring, about 50 miles upriver from the Battery (aka southernmost tip of Manhattan).

We left Queen Mary 2 behind in Red Hook.

Grande Caribe — an inland cruiser — waited at Chelsea Piers, as

did Justice.

Caribbean Princess docks here at Pier 88, a stroll away from the Empire State Building.

Over along the Palisades, north of the GW Bridge, Blue Guitar anchors before heading farther upriver.  Whatever else her itinerary, I recall seeing Blue Guitar here last summer as well.

Champion passed us south of the Tappan Zee.  Anyone know anything about Champion?

Off Hook Mountain we crossed Glen Cove, who moves all manner of products for people . . . so –by stretch — Glen Cove fits into this post as well.

Commander is a tour boat working out of Haverstraw;  here she follows us northward from the Bear Mountain Bridge.  To me , this is the most beautiful stretch of the Hudson.  The link at the start of this paragraph reveals Commander‘s rich and storied past dating back to World War 1.

A day after we passed her at Chelsea Piers, Grande Caribe leapfrogs past us between West Point and Cold Spring.

Penn No. 4 herds people in solo vessels (SVs?) like a border collie moving sheep or goats or cows.

River Rose is a classy sternwheeler out of Newburgh with

a stern drive that actually moves water …

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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