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Every now and then I feel conflicted by a set of “fresh” fotos, each interesting in itself, but maybe not enough for an entire post.  I don’t know where my notion of “enough” comes from, but clearly the limitations exist in my head.  So I’m trying out titles like “salmagundi”  or “gallimaufry,” partly because  alternatives like “mixed bag” or “miscellanea” don’t thrill me.  Salmagundi exudes New York, and “gallimaufry” suggests that other “galli-” word I often use for … travel.

First, this oil painting of the Weehawken docks 1939 by Robert Bruce Haig captures what must have been the rough smoky port, now long-disappeared.

Bowsprite caught this foto of “red tide” riding up past Battery Park City on Labor Day.

She also took this foto of  fireboat John D. McKean, riding water reddened by sunset.

The Waterfront Museum, currently over halfway to the Roundup in Waterford (aka waterchevy?) travels with an exhibit of encaustic paintings by Rich Samuelson.  The show, up only until October, is called “tugboats and waterfront scenes.”

The GW Bridge lines up with its older sibling

structure, Jeffreys Point Lighthouse, clearly at least 10 years senior to the bridge and deserving of respect therefrom.

And a menacing tentacle of “Hurricane Earl” crawled over Manhattan midafternoon last week  as I viewed from a vantage point just south of the Tappan Zee Bridge.

First foto thanks to Arlie Haig (daughter of the artist), next two merci a Bowsprite, and the last ones by Will Van Dorp.

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