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My last post on the Roundup is a catch-all with some video at the end.  It include vessels that just happen to be in the area.  Like Kathleen Turecamo (1968), docked at Port of Albany.

Cynthia of C. D. Perry.  Notice the exposed engines, and

follow the vertical shaft of the drives.  I’d love to see what’s below the waterline.  Doubleclick enlarges most fotos.

Mame Faye actually works during the Roundup and allows no tours.  I suppose what you see is there what you see.  The major task she performs during the event is driving the barge that carries the pyrotechnics, always a first-rate show by Alonzo.  Mame Faye got over 80 votes this year in the “people’s choice” tug contest, and I hope she wins next year.

In the yard up by Lock 3 waits the Frances

Turecamo (1957). Note the wood-grain illusion painted onto the house.

Beautiful as an old Land Rover used for agricultural work, this one is nameless and peerless, and for sale.

If it’s still for sale, you could paint it orange and call it Tiger Lily.

I love the H-bitt and deck fittings but I can’t store a boat in my current location and will have to stay

with human-powered boats.  That being said, this is an eye-turner.

Push contests here include:  1.  Decker bested by Gowanus Bay, 2.  Gowanus Bay v. tug44 that feels like porcupine love, 3.  Indignant noises raised by the Sheriff’s boat, 4.   Decker getting pushed nearly to the Canadian border by The Chancellor, 5. Decker besting Atlantic Hunter who then needs the Sheriff to assist, and 6. Toot Toot treating a push-off against The Chancellor as a love-nuzzling fest and the larger boat backing off in … embarrassment?

Donjon’s Empire walks circles and other boats whistle their appreciation and Crow demonstrates its house-raising ability.

Fotos and video by Will Van Dorp.

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