I could not continue this blog without a strong interest in New York harbor aka the sixth boro.  But, there’s more:  the blog is fueled by obsession.    I’m not speaking metaphorically when I say the boro holds me in its spell, and among the people and things that contributer to the spell is this grotesque device:

the cutter suction head.  Bowsprite’s drawn it, and even given me a pin for my hat sporting her drawing of the snaggle-toothy one.  A priceless gift!

Although the head is not warm or fuzzy, boats

seem to sidle up, even

try it on as alternative pudding.

Can you imagine this unit out forward on a ship shifting tug?

Keeping track of this head–lest it go where it’s unwelcome–are Layla Renee and the behorned Brangus.  Yes,I promise a close-up–real or hand-drawn–of Brangus horns soon.

Anyhow, mark the dredge Florida and its own fleet among the vessels in the harbor always guaranteed to drawn my attention.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Vessels shown include Sea Raven, Ellen Bouchard, and Evening Mist.