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My intended title here was something like “….so I thought I’d get out early this morning and take some fotos of the harvest moon setting, but the morning arrived all foggy in the sixth boro…”  but that would have been been too long, even though everything I just said is true.

Practically the first thing I saw on the KVK this morning intrigued me, after a summer of seeing houses, bridges, and  more*

I wondered.  It looked like an industrial park building was eastbound on the KVK.  Hunt Girls:  the boat name charmed me too, since it sounded like the message the “voice in my head” first told me when I was an early teenager…  to talk with them, of course.  Imagine a work vessel named “cherchez les femmes.”  Vane’s Bohemia had a rumble seat view of the tow.

I wondered what other tows might be forthcoming:  foggy days–as Stephen King knows well–always usher in the unlikeliest visitors.

*More earlier includes the power plant ventilators that Bowsprite captured below earlier this week.  It looks like either Crow or Cheyenne and Margot.

St Andrew–the sixth boro’s resident Oregonian– never quite caught my attention as it did today, seen here full frontal.

Out of the mist came Donal G McAllister, usually based in Baltimore.  By the way, I finally tracked down Rosemary McAllister;  it seems she runs for G & H Towing,  a Houston company,  now under the name  Rosemary.

Here, in close quarters, APL Arabia is flanked by Barbara McAllister and Thomas D Witte.

Alexandra, the LaFarge barge, is positioned by Turecamo Girls alongside and Mary Turecamo, in notch.

Timothy L Reinauer and Ellen McAllister wore a conspiratorial air as they held this formation westward along the KVK.

Huron Service passes an unidentified safety-colored survey boat a half mile east of the Bayonne Bridge.

I later learned that I would have heard and then seen OSG Vision if I’d stayed at the Kill for another half hour.  Oh well, then I would have missed this terrestrial apparition below.  This intimidating sight pulled up behind me in Elizabeth, NJ yesterday as I went in to work!!!  Why on earth would a battlefield-ready Ford 550 bear NJ plates and cruise that modest-size greater sixth-boro landing!?

I wondered if I’d slipped into the twilight zone in which maybe this blog and my Babylonian Captivity one had merged, as in dreams, especially ones during a full moon.

But I made it back to tell the tale and post the fotos…  Will Van Dorp.

Nothing was injured while researching or writing this, but I did discover a kindred Flickr account.

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