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First, the Flickr set on the left has been reset;  go there to see over 30 additional race fotos.

Doubleclick the fotos below to enlarge.  Directly below shows a few instants after the “go” signal is transmitted to the throttles.

“Go” minus 10 minutes has the vessels parading northward.

Like some people, Atlantic Salvor never ceases to mesmerize me;  it casts a spell.

And they’re off;  notice Cornell’s wave.

Reiterating the comment I added to my own post yesterday, Don Jon’s blue finally wins me over:  the hue blends perfectly with the sky fragranced by diesel fuel.  Bowsprite should add this to her simulation illustrations.   Yes, I even accept the orange-to-blue former June K, although she didn’t parade or race yesterday.

Cornell‘s furrow runs true and deep, although

Maurania III outgallops the herd.

Vessels schmooze . . .  or maybe compare pushing horseforce, before

heading over to the mangers to feed.

Enjoy the flickr pics.  I’ve also added the album to Facebook where you can add comments/IDs as you like.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, expressing gratitude to all companies and crews who participated and pleasure at seeing old friends and new dockside.  In a few days, it’ll be off to Waterford.

Unrelated:  Check this AP article on the USS Olympia.  See a tugster post on Olympia here.

Bonus pic from Rich Taylor.  And …egads … is that tugster just below the name board?

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