I finally got up there, where the ironclad Monitor was built, where Exxon spilled 1.5 times the amount of oil spilled they did in Prince William Sound, where ghosts of the Mespeatches remain.



Juxtaposing nature and industry hasn’t privileged the Creek, although rehabilitation efforts of the NTC Alliance deserve great applause. Note in the Alliance link the first foto shows Cheyenne.



An old tanker friend greeted me there.



More blogging on the Creek to follow.  See Miss Heather’s perspective here.

Meanwhile, check out the Oct 2007 issue of Harper’s page 59 ff. for another “creek” in my life: “The River is a Road: Searching for Peace in Congo.” It’s a “must-read” for river life. I did this trip over three decades ago and have never forgotten.

Photos, Will Van Dorp.