Click here for an index of previous second lives posts.  Reinventions are everywhere, but I have a hunch that the Caribbean offers an especially rewarding search area for second acts, third acts, and the number goes on.  Take a vessel named Azores.   I’d never heard of it before, but . . . suppose I say Stockholm, THAT Stockholm.  the one that left the sixth boro in July 1956 and could have been a disintegrating artificial reef lying near Andrea Doria.  Rich Taylor took the photo below in St. Kitts early last month.  Scroll through here to see her sans bow.  Click here to see her in dry dock and showing her unusual stern lines.  Here’s a long list of her previous names:  Stockholm until 1960, Volkerfreundschaft until 1985, Fritjof Nansen until 1993, Italia I until later in 1993, Italia Prima until 2003, Valtur Prima until later 2003, Caribe until 2005, Athena until 2013 . . . Azores until . . . further notice.

0aaazoresSt Kitts020915

And then there’s this tugboat looking like exactly what she is . . . undistracted by her pink deckhouse, can’t you imagine this as a former workhorse of the northeast?  Any guesses?

0aaaCONSTANTSt Maartin020615

She was once called James McAllister.  And here’s the story . . . built 1930 in Philly.   Does anyone have photos of her in Hayes colors . . . purple I presume?

Many thanks to Rich Taylor for these photos of vessels that have lived on and on.