Here’s a photo I caught back in December in Boston harbor.   That’s Miss Yvette pushing a barge that’s just lifted a “briefly immersed” Massport vessel into the air.  It had taken me a while to put together that this is the most recent livery for the previously very red  Miss Yvette.

The plume rising from the small tug alongside was very impressive. 

From eastriver, here’s an update on MV Merlin Banta, a 1946 vintage Mississippi River line haul boat that has to be one of my all-time favorites.  Back in 2014, I did a post about her here.

This sentiment from eastriver:  “Hadn’t seen her for a long time. Was worried that some heathen had scrapped her. But here she was yesterday, in the River at Bringer Point – with a new paint job!”  

Also from eastriver, a quite chunky small tug pushing this crane barge.

It’ll remain nameless because we just don’t know.

And finally from Tony A, it’s Hercules, a Miami River tugboat in the dredging trade.

Previous P and L tugs like Rikki S have appeared here.

Many thanks to eastriver and Tony A for use of these photos.