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Second Lives 27

This post is front-loaded with photos, text heavy at the end . . .  .   Have you seen this boat before?     The name is new, as is the livery. And in a previous lifetime it was  . . Patapsco!  Below that’s a photo of Patapsco I took on September 2, 2007!!  After […]

Second Lives 22

Take a fishing trawler built in 1928 and converted to a minesweeper some 10 years later.  After the war, convert it into a North Sea freighter, which then crosses the Atlantic to Kingston NY, where the photo below was taken.  To digress, I recognize Matilda (click and scroll)  on the hard behind the freighter but have […]

Second Lives 21

Here are previous posts under the category second lives, a designation I use for vessels that are significantly modified from one owner or role to another. The approaching vessel in the next two shots–which I took on the Erie Canal west of Three Rivers in September 2014–show Grand Erie, the newest (built 1951!!) and largest tug […]

Second Lives 19

Here were the previous ones . . . and I recently corrected a duplicate number. Salvage Chief, by the first half of its name, is involved in giving second lives to vessels that have seen seen distress.  For photos of many projects she has been involved in, including the Exxon Valdez, click here. For more […]

Second Lives 17

Click here for an index of previous second lives posts.  Reinventions are everywhere, but I have a hunch that the Caribbean offers an especially rewarding search area for second acts, third acts, and the number goes on.  Take a vessel named Azores.   I’d never heard of it before, but . . . suppose I […]

Second Lives 14

F. Scott Fitzgerald said there were no second acts in American life . . . but as in this case, he was wrong about so many things.  We all have second and third acts, fourth and fifth lives. Does anyone know the larger vessel below?  What’s barely legible on the bow is the name Maryland.  Photo was […]

Second Lives 13

Can you figure this one out? Wooden hull, 62′ loa . . . it’s Revolution, and my first time to see it although I’ve known of it for some time through this and this. These photos taken today by Will Van Dorp, who hopes to have more questions answered soon . .  like what did […]

Second Lives 12

Here was 11 about an honest Navy tug turned narco-mothership, possibly, and wondering where she now may be. I owe this post to tugboathunter, who caught not only a major typo in yesterday’s post but also presented me a key to understanding an unusual looking trawler called Nomada.  I’ll be direct . . . two, three, […]

Nordic Second Lives

I risk sounding gushy here, but I do love it that the sixth boro sees passage of such unexpected traffic.  Like this vessel at the Red Hook passenger terminal the other night.  Smallish compared with the QMs often lying there, but sturdy, so I did some digging and came up with this nugget: National Geographic […]

Urger’s First Life

I knew she’s been called C. J. Doornbos. I knew she worked as a fishing tug on Lake Michigan. I never imagined she was gussied up this way back in those days. I posted the foto below a year and a half ago. Urger has been thoroughly reinvented, and yet looks –IMHO –to have been […]