…actually Port Albany Ventures runs a fleet of beautiful red tugs, one of which, Cheyenne, leads the “fav tugs” contest.


Kudos to PAV for maintaining such a handsome tug


and eliciting the vote, as of this publication, around 60%.


Forty-two years worked and cherished, she with a pilothouse that raises and lowers by hydraulics,


and lined up here behind Empire, PAV’s push boat,


Cheyenne, built by Ira Bushey in Brooklyn and based in Albany, does her own share of pushing though, as shown above pushing stone eastbound on East River.

Cheyenne, you are loved; may the vote demonstrate who’s “people’s choice.”

If Cheyenne’s not your favorite, go to here and vote. If the vote “doesn’t work, drop an email to tugwaterford@aol.com.

Photos, Will Van Dorp.