Anything that has it is alive, at least animated or once animated by life. Fishing, teaching, even commuting has it. Markets, forests, gardens, marshes, reefs natural and artificial all have it. It may be tidal, lunar, mammalian, or geologic.

Alice O. has it. So does John Caddell. Compare this shot of John Caddell above with the one below.


Same vessel, same day, different point in its cycle. There’s almost no freeboard as this coastal tanker delivers fuel, possibly to a ship offloading cargo in the harbor. Built in 1941, John Caddell in these two shots is not only in different stages of its workday but also at a distinct point in its career, nearly ending. A sister ship Mary Whalen, three years older, is being converted to an arts space.

I see my rhythms in John Caddell, buoyant sometimes and nearly overladen others. My low point is semester’s end, my sister’s might be April 15 tax time. See how siblings of John Caddell live on off Atlantic City by clicking here.