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Look like Atlantic Salvor . ..  or if you remember Barents Sea, like her?  Well, the middle vessel, Mister Darby, now goes as Atlantic Salvor.  And Mister Pete (launched from Halter Moss Point in March 1976 for Portland Tugs) operates as Barents Sea.  Mister Darby came off the ways in February 1977 at Halter Marine, along with a litter of similar vessels for Tidewater Marine, like  Mister Jean, Mister Andre, Mister Charlie, Raleigh Ann, … and the list goes on.   Thanks to Duncan Merritt for this foto.  Can anyone place the year?

Fairly new in the sixth boro is Lucinda Smith, 1975, ex-

Delta Trooper, Sound Eagle, and Sea Hawk.

Passing each other today in the KVK, Franklin (1984) and Zachery Reinauer (1971, ex-Tioga).

Here St Andrews (1978, ex-Melissa L.) gets a dock assist from

Captain Dann (1973), moved into

the berth just vacated by HMS Liberty (1978, ex-James William, Shirley Joy, and Douglas B. Mackie).

Extreme stern and below . . . it’s Bering Sea (1975, ex-Stacy Moran and Cougar).

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  Here is a past foto of the vessels formerly known as Mister Darby and Mister Pete.  Is it true that Barents has returned to the east coast of the US?

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