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The first and last fotos today come from Tom Mann, who–in spite of the port listed on this vessel’s stern–took them along the Cape Cod Canal less than a week ago.  Justice . . . launched in 2009 by Martinac Shipbuilding . . . is one vessel I’ve NOT yet seen in the sixth boro, not that I see even most things or ever claimed to.

Hoss and Carolina I saw in the Elizabeth River  in South Norfolk;  they are ex-Chauncey 1962 and ex-Amy M, Robert P Jr, Bay Star 1958, respectively.

Here the Intracoastal Marine site.

ICM crews were moving a deckbarge at Jordan Bridge.

Great Point (2002) waited at the pier in Crisfield, MD with

this load;  I imagined it pushing with housing away.

Knock Ha Shee, built by Higgins in 1954 as a US Army coastal freighter (ex-Morgan, Edgerton) is now USCG-classified as a towing vessel.

Is this a pushboat or a motorized barge?

Yes, seeing John P. Brown (2002) pushing an oversize Colgate box, that means we’re back in the sixth boro

But thanks to the fotos from Tom Mann, I can overshoot . . . here’s Justice traversing the Cape Cod Canal.

Thanks, Tom.  All the “middle fotos” by Will Van Dorp.

For some Mexican tugs, see Mage’s Postcards.

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