Study this vessel a few seconds. I’ve included fotos here and here. Scroll through in both links. How would you describe Barents Sea, in contrast to other tugs?



By way of comparison, see Barents Sea juxtaposed with Rowan M. McAllister, launched in 1981, five years after Barents Sea. Also, see the crewman on the afterdeck of Barents in both pix above.



A friend–you know who you are–calls Barents Sea sexy, an apt description since the design is exciting in its difference.



Barents–previously known as Pete and Mr. Pete–used to wear McAllister colors. She’s large: 135′ LOA, 40′ beam, and 15′ draft; almost 6500 horsepower. Unlike most East Coast tugs, she sports a raised foc’sle bow. Wonder how long she’ll be around the the sixth boro and the Northeast.

Added link here but scroll about 3/4 thru:  Someone suggested calling it the Chukchi Sea since it worked up there once.

Photos, WVD.