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Thanks to Dennis Willard, more fotos of PT728 and the others along the Rondout.

PT728 is Vosper-design 70′ built in Annapolis.  Here are some end-of-season haulout fotos from late 2009.

According to their website, FleetObsolete has three additional boats:  459, 48, and 615, but I can’t

identify which is which here.

This one is PT 459, a Higgins 78′ built in Louisiana.

Before coming to FleetObsolete, PT 459 did time as Beachcomber IV, a Fire Island ferry.

Thanks to Dennis Willard, who supplied all fotos except the last one, which I took.

For a sense of what is involved in a restoration, see the video of PT 305.

To see a group of Swedish torpedo boats at full speed, watch this video;  the best part is from 7’20” to the end.

For an attractive restoration of a Higgins PT 658, click here.

For the sound of a Packard Marine  engine in a non-marine application, click here.

For more PT background than I ever imagined  and great vintage shots, click here.

And finally, here are fotos of civilian yachts made by Elco, Higgins,  and Huckins.

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