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or maybe that should that be parsed as “salt watercolors or “aquarelle du sel.”   The title here comes from the final line in bowsprite’s post on her “tools of the trade.”  She’s also shown her studio in the most recent post here, and further discussed the craft of her trade in the comments.  My post here is a public thank-you for these posts and a call for “more, more, please more.”

I will never tell her or anyone what to draw, but doesn’t your imagination take flight when you see that orange shimmer approaching from behind the tanker . . .  like a performer in flashy plumage entering center stage.

Or check out all those diverging perspective lines, monochromatic lattices set off by linear yellow, boxy reds and blues, and curved orange security blanket.

Paint the city orange . . .  neon orange out of spray guns.

Throw in a few splotches of oxidation, like fotos by J. Henry Fair.

If need be, whittle yourself huge pens to undertake equally huge subjects with all their unever hues.

Slather in all the colors, like mustard on that food that Tad Dorgan did NOT coin the name of.

Paste in patchy texture colors over the loopydoodles, or do . . .

NONE of those things.  Just keep posting, filling your sketchbooks and then pixilate our screens.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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