Practitioners of the culinary magic called “nouvelle cuisine”  have created the “amuse-bouche,” some mini-morsel intended by the chef to surprise and … well, amuse you.  Back when I lived in francophone Africa and spoke only French in all the moods and situations of my life, I learned the crasser word “amuse-gueule”   (gueule being snout v. bouche being a human mouth).

Today’s short post offers a visual version:  amusement for the eye (yeux) and brain . . . .  Remember doubleclick enlarges.

Exhibit 1: Atlantic Salvor delivering many tons of snow to the far north.  Barges of snow for Buffalo, maybe; backhaul is what bowsprite would call it.  On the other hand, if it’s downbound, maybe it’s harvested Hudson River ice traveling southward like they used to do.

Exhibit 2:   And taken the same week, might this be the set for the new Spiderman musical?   Think of all the injuries possible if actors were swinging from the gantries over the harbor.  Has a play ever been staged in the auto section of the ferries?  Hmm . . . someone should try it.

Top foto comes thanks to Dock Shuter, who contributed fotos once before here.  The bottom foto is by Will Van Dorp, who’s out seeing how cold he can get today and needs a little fire on this icy day.