Maersk is the answer to yesterday’s question . . .  what shipping line dominated the sixth boro the other day?  Well, even if you live inland, you see their logo on shipping containers, whether they be stacked, pulled by Kenworths and congesting the highway, or pulled down the rails.

Maersk Bristol waited off St. George (note this foto of an icy Bristol from a year ago) while Maersk

Carolina steamed westbound on the KVK, and

Maersk Kentucky entered the approaches to the Narrows.  I caught this foto a half hour after the top two.

Maersk is a leviathan of shipping;  they may be the world’s largest shipper of containers, but that is only a small part of what they do.  Here’s Carolina earlier this year,





Carolina again,

Montana  . . .

all with the same first name and logo.  Know how long the company’s had the logo?

Over a century, according to this story about Captain P. M. Møller.  Imagine Maersk’s first vessel, SS Laura?  See here.

Can you guess an additional five states in the US-flagged Maersk subsidiary?  Answer here.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.