First a guessing game:  suppose I need a new tooth, a big cutter head tooth.  How much would one sharp, shiny fang cost me?  Or two . . .?   I might want to dress up like a cutter head vampire for Halloween.  Send you guesses.  Price info soon!

More Mystick fotos coming soon, but I can’t sit on this post any longer.  In fact as I think about my fangs, imagine using them to bite into …wegian Jewel‘s long white neck.  Sorry . . . I can’t go there.

Anyhow, Jewel docked and

assist vessel Maurania III seemed ready to depart as the long-necked

Jewel was secured.   (Note the Little Red Lighthouse at base of the GW Bridge. )  But

enter the fuel load  delivered by Doubleskin 303 and

Severn, which involved more assistance from

Maurania III.

Captain and

crew moved the bunker

into position so that

whenever loads debarked via gangplanks to make way for those who would embark, those

2376 embarkers would arrive at their destination.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Please send in your guesses on the teeth.