A weapon from Captain Nemo’s  Nautilus emerging from the depths to exact revenge?

Of course, if you read tugster regularly, you know about my fascination with the dredge machine called a cutter suction head.    Tug supporting the dental barge here is Sea Bear.  Note the condition of the teeth (over 50?) on the head and the green spares on deck behind the dental crew, who like the folks that work on human teeth, use

appropriate tools to assess the damage.

Reinforcements move in.  This cutter head has been chewing on some hard and fibrous–if tasty?– sixth boro bottom.

The replacement process

begins in earnest.

When needed, the crew puts the heat

where needed and then

applies blunt persuasion, reminding me of the dentist who once exerted himself so much to yank a molar from my head that he broke

a sweat.  An hour later, cutter head has a new set of beautiful green teeth, and Dr. Sea Bear

moves to the next patient.

Interesting work, guys.

All fotos by will Van Dorp, who’s happy to see so much dredging happening along the Kills.