Spin the

tanker–King Dorian–here?

Sure. Miriam positions herself around 2 pm Saturday,

as does Gramma Lee T, and then nothing happens for about 40 minutes.  Of course, what do I know about conversations happening among the three vessels and other traffic.

Around 2:45, the combined 8100 hp of the tugs inches the King laterally toward port.

Once there’s space, Gramma Lee T inserts her 5100 hp

onto the King‘s nose and

a spin can begin.

By 3 pm, the King has rotated 90 degrees to port and tens of thousands of tons

are in huge flux


In a minute, the King is headed for anchorage to finish preps for sea.

All fotos by will Van Dorp, who got these fotos of turning Tabuk about two years ago.