ACF’s have bedazzled me since I first learned about American Car & Foundry (ACF) boats; I’d been poking around a marina upstate along the Erie Canal, where I grew up, and wrote about it here.



Larry needs to part with J’Ador III (above and below), for sale at Charlestown Marina in Charlestown, MD. It’s an ACF 47’ cabin cruiser built in 1929 in Wilmington, DE, by Sharp and Jackson boat works. The original engine(single) was a 6 cylinder 175 hp Hall-Scott, through a 2:1 ratio reduction gear, delivering a speed of 16 mph. Replacement is a GM 292 in-line 6 cylinder with 160 hp.



To me this is the water equivalent of a Cord or a Dusenberg of the same era; in 1929, this sold for $29,000, which converts to nearly $300,000 in 2000 dollars. For this price you then also got a complete set of bedding, linen, blankets, pillows, table silver, china, and glassware. I wonder if monogramming was an option. For now, enjoy the






main salon, and


aftdeck seating. J’Ador III‘s creature comforts include marine air and satellite television, autohelm and GP.

For a fascinating history of Sharp and Jackson –with fotos — click here.

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