So when water sprays and tug horns start to blow, throngs leave the Noble Maritime “Tugboats Night & Day” exhibit at Snug Harbor, and–let me to trifle with the first page of Melville’s Moby Dick a bit –“crowds, pacing straight for the water . . . nothing will content them but the extremest limit of land . . . fixed in ocean reveries . . . some seated on the pierheads . . . does the magnetic virtue of the needles of the compasses of all those ships attract them thither?” Do they await a ferry to get back home?



No, it’s a parade led by Turecamo Boys, looking back here at Miriam Moran, Thornton Bros, and two Reinauer boats;



Jean Turecamo and Gramma Lee T Moran circle in from the east while


Curtis Reinauer flanking South Street Seaport’s W. O. Decker (ex-Russell No. 1) take the south side of the channel and



Lee T turns inside FireFighter 1 as the water in the KVK starts to swirl and



Curtis and Franklin Reinauer follow two Moran boats around and



then Ellen McAllister, hoses able to douse any remnants of winter, comes in along the south side of the channel.




What was the show at Noble Maritime? Here’s an update showing the Decker as depicted above.  Was this parade really a get-ready-for-spring festival?

All fotos Will Van Dorp; thanks to Capt Andy and crew of Moran’s Turecamo Boys.