Celebrity ships call in Bayonne at what’s technically called the Cape Liberty Cruise Port, one of three ocean-going passenger ports in the sixth boro.

This is a port surrounded by people known far and wide, and although I don’t look for celebrities, I’ve crossed paths with the likes of Al Sharpton in Penn Station one dawn on my way to work and Lou Reed on the westside esplanade a rainy weekend day,  I suspect a celebrity must be on a vessel to merit a water display like this one last weekend as Norwegian Star exited the Narrows.

Then there are eye-catching yachts like this one.  Actually at first glance I thought this one was Manhattan or Justice.  But clearly, it had less sheer and more house.

Only when I got back home did I read the name S. S. Sophie and that it is or was the 1947 Trumpy owned by Greta van Susteren.   I know she’s “a celebrity,” but as a non-consumer of TV news, I’ve no idea what her voice sounds like.  And the S. S. ?  steam?  Nope.

Springer spaniel, the owner’s dog . . . if you read that link embedded in the 1947 Trumpy above.  Here and here are  tugster posts with yachts by Trumpy.    Here’s a foto taken from the deck of Scanaro’s Manhattan.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.