Why three of these in a row?  Answer a follows.  I took the foto east of Roosevelt Island.  Clue:  power.

Here’s a close up of one of them.

Why the patriotic color scheme?  Answer b follows.  Jed took the foto  in Baltimore.  Clue:  stand.

I didn’t use binoculars or take a foto earlier because I thought this speedster was Manhattan.  Anyone know this classic vessel?   Answer c follows below, thanks to Bernie of Working Harbor Committee.

Nor do I know this one foto’d in Hudson near Pier 83ish.

UFO . . . unindentified or unique floating object.

A:  East River Tidal Power Project Hear the whirring blades?

B:  The Buoy marks the spot from which Francis Scott Key watched bombs bursting in air, leading him to pen the anthem.

C.  Elco Commuter yacht Justice.