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I first used this title over five years ago here  . . .  back when I still put captions underneath fotos.  My preference now is to put captions above because of how you need to scroll down to read a post.  Sorry about the confusion.

SeaEden . . .  sounds like it’s designed to make crew think conditions are idyllic . . . .

Foto comes from bowsprite . . .  Dole Colombia. . .  as blotchy yellow as a banana skin.

Adriatic Wave . . .  movement of water or shape of energy or a social trend or a hand signal?

Asian Grace . . . as I pursued her a few weeks ago, I wondered what she was . . .  Little did I expect a RORO, here assisted into the port of Wilmington by a tug mirage that appears to float of the water with a ball-shaped hull.  Tugs might be Sonie and Sally.

Grand Champion . . .  makes a recently stripped bicycle racer come to mind.

High Seas . . . looking calm.  I’ll be there’s no vessel named “international waters,” although I once saw a rowboat with mare liberum painted on the bow.

I’ve never seen a vessel–not even this one–sans name.   Actually this is Atlantic Pearl.

What attracted my attention to Himalaya was the spare prop, but the name memorializes a place as far from sea level as is possible.

Here’s a shot showing Puffin and Huffin together.

Ah . . . hand signal . . . so that’s how one might do the Adriatic Wave?

With the exception of Dole Colombia . . . all fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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