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Foto by Hugh McCallion.  Pier 25 Manhatan.  Three hours til high tide and not much pier left for Pegasus and Harvey to rise.

Also pre-high tide on Rockaway, and water washing sand over the boardwalk onto Shore Front Parkway, finally justifying the name “sandy.”

Thanks to Hugh, Pam, and Barbara for the fotos.

Prayers for safety for all.

Fotos from Barbara at Rockaway Beach around 100th Street here.  Emergency message to folks on the boardwalk:  “Go inside, and no surfing.”

From Gary, East River looking toward the mouth of Newtown Creek and

toward the 59th Street Bridge.    No movement.

And finally, from L’amica dalla torre di orologio . . .  Hudson River . . . looking toward  the Statue of Liberty, who probably wishes she could hunker down behind her pedestal.   Geometrical structure to the left is the floating Battery Park City Ferry Terminal.   I’m not sure what contingencies exist for it during a surge, since it’s basically a hull.

Currently Captain of the Port has order vessels of a certain tonnage to leave the docks, as it’s safer for them to hang in the stream than stay affixed to a rigid structure.   So cruising in the North river now as sightseeing vessels,

Meagan Ann,

and the Sandy Hook pilot boats!

That’s the Erie Lackawanna Terminal Tower/Hoboken Terminal in the background.

USCG . . . off to respond to a recreational vessel that’s dragged its mooring?

And finally, back to Rockaway . .  as nightfalls.

Many thanks to Barbara, Gary, and L’amica for these fotos.  The worst is yet to come, I fear.  Stay inside and away from the tongues and talons of water that surge in.

And this just in . . . video from helicopter of USCG rescue of folks from HMS Bounty.

Call this “images taken under the overcast skies prefacing Sandy’s arrival.”  The first two here were taken by JED in Norfolk on Friday, Oct 26 while Sandy was off Florida.  Remember Norfolk Rebel from the Schooner race here and in the Flickr show along the left margin??  JED got these under leaden light.

Bay Queen . . . . need to find out more about her.

Saturday, October 27 midday.  I took this from Penn’s Landing in Philly looking toward Camden.   It’s Jupiter.   I took previous fotos of Jupiter and other old East Coast tugs here two years ago… including one of Rose, currently waiting to be scrapped!  Junk-rigged schooner is the 48′ Summer Wind, recently also in the Great! Chesapeake race.    Not to be confused with the 101′ Summerwind.

Also Saturday midday, Sea Pearl at the dock in Camden as seen with Moshulu to my back.  As of this writing, Sea Pearl is still at that same dock.

Saturday 1600 hrs . .  Camden waterfront looking toward Philly.  From l to r, you catch some details of USS New Jersey, Moshulu, and Olympia.   Doubleclick to enlarge.

Sunday 1800 hrs.  With one exception, there are no cargo vessels in the major port areas of the 6boro.  The exception in lower left is CSAV Itajai.

Sunday 2230 hrs.  An outbound exodus, although the three blue arrows . . . Aidaluna, Carnival Miracle, and Explorer . . . all cruise ships . . . might experience some seasickness?

Sunday 2300.  The tanker Noreaster–an appropriate name for a vessel in this storm–is still zigzagging offshore as of this morning.

If you want real-time views, check this webcam. It’s mounted on Staten Island, southwest portion of the Upper Bay, ie, about a mile north of the VZ Bridge.

And a possible victim of the storm:  HMS Bounty, abandoned a hundred miles off Hatteras, as reported here.  … Now believed lost with some crew missing.   Scroll thru here for some of my fotos of Bounty.

Stay safe.   I won’t go down to the water until after it lays down.

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