Pegasus approaches the tow,


deckhand thinks in synch with captain, boat . . . concentration is essential to make the tow.


What’s this, you ask?  I just happened to see this logo on a parked tour bus near Pier 84 . . .  well, the bus shown came into service one year AFTER the tug above!


But to see Pegasus in action, antiquity (A friend might call it “jalopyhood”)  is NOT what comes to mind.  Pegasus and crew can work. . .


local shifts or longer jobs.


If you see Pegasus in the sixth boro this weekend or docked anywhere along the Hudson this summer, come down and say hello, the preservation project still needs volunteers to power its projects.


If you can’t volunteer, well then


at least wave!


By the way, great name Pegasus . . . for  son of Poseidon and Medusa.

For more Pegasus fotos, click here and here.   Another Pegasus lives in the sixth boro;  maybe I’ll put fotos up soon.

All fotos taken this week by Will Van Dorp.