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I last used this title a half year ago.  I claim no relationship between the fotos other than they were all taken on the sixth boro within the past week or so.

First, a poor quality but intriguing foto of MSC Aniello, a container ship, bound for sea with nary a container above the deck.  Who knows what she carried below?  The white cranes are a mile beyond the vessel in the port of Bayonne.  Does one need a better indicator of economic slowdown?  Aniello as canary in the coal mine?


You may once have ridden in these subway cars now bound for a new life as a reef somewhere offshore.  Click here to read an overheard romance post I wrote about reefing last August.


Check this out as tandem tugging:  Clyde in foreground lashed to Harry McNeal, (to use one of my newest favorite phrases), the yin and yang of indie tugs.


The foto below shows the Mohawk River at Rotterdam Junction, where Onrust may tomorrow splash.  Cross fingers;  hope to post on this tomorrow.


Another poor quality foto taken of Cable Queen just west of the Moran yard in the KVK.  Anyone know her story?


Finally here’s a closer foto of 1930 Elco motor yacht Justice westbound on the East river alongside Roosevelt Island.  I saw Justice last October, but thinking it the replica Manhattan, I didn’t take a foto until it was quite a distance off.

aajustAll fotos, Will Van Dorp.

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