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Bowsprite and I have neologized . . . coined another new term:  “tanlogging” from collapsing “tandem blogging.”  By the way, if any has a more elegant conflation of the two words, please suggest it.

Anyhow, she recently did “Ships in the Night 2,”  and since we strive to be, among other things, the yin and yang of sixth boro waterbloggers, I couldn’t resist a reply.  Yin and yang you wonder?  Well … some  personal disclosure :  when I telecommed with her recently at dawn while drinking my go-to-work coffee, she was about to call it a night!!  We occupy opposite watches.

Anyhow, all fotos below were taken between dawn and work yesterday:  the cheery orange Michelle Jeanne was returning at dawn + one hour  from surveys.


Wanderer, the pilot built seven years ago in Mamaroneck, was –of course–wending along its 24-7-365  routes throughout the sixth boro.


NS IV, stealing seaward while the undifferentiated urban mush starts to awaken–or call it a night in some cases–I know you’re a crew boat I see all the time, but I don’t know your people.


Now here’s a day boat I’d love to learn about:  over in the transition of Arthur Kill and Newark Bay . . . what were they doing?


Enough for now . . .  ships in the night lead to boats in the day.  One set gets observed by the watchkeeper of the darkness and the other by he of the daylight, and yet between us we miss an immense amount.  And the sixth boro, non-stop, never ceases to amaze and delight.

All fotos here by Will Van Dorp.  More tanlogging soon.  Please someone coin a better word for “tandem blogging.”

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