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My last of several Onrust posts was in December.  My first was almost a year and a half ago.  And several happened in between.  Don’t take my word for it, but a unique community has grown in the process of building this replica, a really unique community.  And Onrust–meaning restless– is more restless than even, given that we find ourselves at T-minus nine days before splash.  So if you’re interested in volunteering a day or two . . . .  read the end.  The figurehead … the vessel … has outgrown its womb–or chrysalis.  The vessel is ready to be berthed!


Splash day is May 20 in Rotterdam Junction, New York, Mabee Farm.  In less than a fortnight, this made-to-order shed will be empty, its raison d’etre having left for the fluid, and for a June 6 rendezvous in the sixth boro, Manhattan.


To the right of the hull is the port leeboard–or zwaarde–ready to be made function.


Anti-fouling paint covers the portion that’ll go underwater, and primer now covers the portion of hull to be polychromatic.


The rudder measures about 10 feetish  top to bottom.  By the way, the clearing behind the volunteers was made as perch for the splash-crane on May 20.  Unseen about 50′ behind the volunteers is the Mohawk River.


Vessel designer Gerald de Weerdt here takes measurements today to attach rudder to hull via pintles and gudgeons.


And the figurehead, poking through the plastic walls of the chrysalis certainly communicates that Onrust IS restless, a kicking foetus.


If you can donate some time in the next week and a bit, call Greta:

Greta Wagle
Onrust Project Director
C 518 -248 -1395
W 518- 439-2096
Fax 518 -439-4052

It’s an opportunity to become part of this unique community.  All fotos taken today by Will Van Dorp.

PS:  When Onrust splashes on May 20, a tug will be in the Mohawk to “receive” it.

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