Take one tug, in this case, Pegasus, launched in 1907, the same year as the completion of the Hoboken Terminal;


and one barge, in this case a wooden covered one called Lehigh Valley 79 and dating from 1914


and connect them with a hawser . . . and you’ve created the beginning of a summer tour,


the first leg of which perspicacious bowsprite documented with her one-of-a-kind camera.


Mix in  some outstanding programming in Manhattan and then, just like an old-time traveling circus, pull in the lines and travel to the next


town with the Lehigh Valley 79 on Pegasus‘ hip;  for starters,  cross over to the other side, to


Hoboken and


make fast the lines and


do more excellent programming


like staged readings of “On the Waterfront” and the Crimson Pirates (yes, that’s the Empire State Building in the background)


in an interior that looks like this . . .


and you have “summertime . . . and the livin’ is easy . . . good.”  Stop on by before June 5.

Keep your eyes open on the river this summer;  tug and barge have a schedule all the way up the river.

Unless otherwide credited, all fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Correction:  In fotos 3 and 4, the tug is NOT Pegasus but  Vulcan III, a close-up of which has appeared in this blog previously.