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Last night I put up the quickest best post I could, but after sleep and distance, I want to modify and expand.  First, to follow on the birth/berth analogy, Onrust will emerge from its place of gestation as we all should…  feet first . . . if you consider the rudder as a steering foot, of course.

Also, my fotos tend not to show people, but masses are involving themselves in this labor of love these days to meet the splash deadline:  noise of machines traditional and “power” and hubbub of discussion and direction giving.  The tempo has palpably quickened, that too I suppose like the pulse of creatures approaching labor and delivery.


This aft-looking shot shows the location of the engine; this spot corresponds roughly to where Elizabeth stands in the last foto of this post.


The drawing below illustrates location of rudder, tiller, and said engine.


With horsepower–or Deere power in this case–comes controls, soon mostly concealed behind fine cabinetry.


Tail shaft emerges and


will spin this prop, my hat showing scale.


Most power, though, will be generated by the sail to be bent onto the spars . . . once the mast are stepped, stayed, etc.


Speaking of sterns and such, I couldn’t NOT be distracted by the shapely haunch lines of the bowspr er . . . bow creature, a swimming lioness.  That curve is NOT feline, nor is the hair.  Might it be that a lonely sailor on watch in another era might periodically glance at that anatomical curve and think fondly of someone far away . . . I mean really.


Onrust . . .  the transition . . . to be blogged here as soon as it happens.  Soon, soon . . .  May 20.

Photos, WVD.

Unrelated:  Tugster and a few friends will be hanging out at Krevey’s (Pier 66) on Saturday May 16 from 3 pm.  Drop by to chat, plot, scheme, and laugh . . . especially laugh.  Come by land or sixthboro.  I may even buy a round.

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