I posted about this procedure last summer, abridging the vessel name Glasgow Express to a monosyllabic Glex.  Never did I think then there’d be a Seoul Express that could collapse to . . .  Sex, (in its prudishness, Hapag-Lloyd abbreviates  the vessel as Sox . . . gosh darn jiminy crisper)  but in deference to precedent and celebration of spring, meet the container ship code-named SEX.   Anyhow, my favorite Laura K nosing into the bulkhead so that  the pilot (?) can jump ashore means only one thing below those as-yet taut sternlines . . . assist time has arrived!  A large vessel will soon reverse itself out of this part of the sixth boro, aka the “inner coast” of Staten Island, i.e., the Kills.


Laura K glides over to stern starboard to wait for


(while Margaret noses in and pins Sex to the bulkhead)


a heaving line to haul in the towline so that


Laura K can inch Sex into the stream


as she churns her own self stern-first seaward.


Once Margaret senses space widening between the bulkhead and Sex‘s  bow, she . . .


(Oops. Postus interruptus, to be continued tomorrow...)

Unrelated:  Allie B and Brooklyn Bridge, whose departure from greater Boston we documented on March 7, have now arrived with their cargo in Romania.  Bravo to the crew.  Thanks to Sackrabbit for following this story.

Also, a message from Henry has been received from the North Sea off Norway;  as soon as the garbling across the seas of time is clarified, we’ll post.  Stand by.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.