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OK, so I couldn’t get close enough fast enough, but the gray vessel evaporating into the fog at the Narrows is none other than Bob Hope aka T-AKR-300 delivered to the US Navy just over a decade ago by Avondale Industries.  I never knew this until just now, but the vessel’s namesake was born in the UK and entered the US through the Narrows and Ellis Island!


Just past Ellis Island, bulker Georgia S hauls in Canadian gypsum to be transformed into wallboard aka sheetrock, putting her in the same trade as A. V. Kastner.  What is it about gypsum bulker that causes them to have the peculiar stern design?


What I intially thought was a dollar sign (or possibly “zero dollars”)  is actually the monogram of the modern bulk carrier designer, Ole Skaarup.


Last week, Singapore Star anchored just north of the Narrows not far from


where Patriot Service lightered off Norient Solar, a handysize vessel from Norient Product Pool.

aarsnspsMeanwhile,  if you see something and I don’t, don’t say something; just snap a foto, send it my way, and I’d be happy to credit you with coin of the realm . . . fame and fortune in the blogshed.

Unrelated:  Many thanks to Justin who sent along this link to the entire 36-minute Irving Johnson video of “Peking Round the Horn” here.

Thank God for the rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips and many kudos to the crews of many US Navy vessels for doing it.

All fotos here by Will Van Dorp.

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