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of which, of course, there are already many both inside our very selves and all around.  But guess the name of the tug and barge below and


its location.  A clue, other than familiar color scheme, is the fact that the fotos were taken this week, third week of April 2009, and I can attest that foliage in the sixth boro does not currently look that lush.  So what and where?  Answer below.


The fotos below,  taken this week in our home waters, present a mystery of another kind.  Each winter and early spring brings small fishing boats into New York harbor aka the sixth boro.  What are they fishing?


This is a bonafide question.  I don’t know.  Everyone I ask claims ignorance.  I’m about at my wits end.  What


sixth boro life do these boats harvest?  Who would imagine


commercial fishing happens right between Manhattan and Hoboken?

And the mystery tug in K-Sea colors:  Nakoa (shown here in pre-K-Sea colors?) and barge Rigel taken in the Carquinez Strait near Benicia, California.  Barents Sea works out there now too.

Sixth boro fishing boats taken by Dan B.  More of Dan’s fotos soon.

Nakoa taken by Easan Katir.  Easan, a portfolio manager explains how the foto op happened:  “I was in Benicia to have lunch with a client.  We sat upstairs and enjoyed the view.    I was going through their portfolio.   I got to K-Sea (KSP), and told them about this wonderful company which pays high dividends.    I saw the tugboat outside the window, and said “and by the way, there is one of your K-Sea tugs right there.”   They were pleasantly surprised, as was I.  This kind of coincidence has never happened in my 27-year career.   So, serendipity.”

Great story.

Thanks, Dan and Easan.

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